Saturday, January 13, 2007


A PBS show looked at the White Power movement through the activities and discussions of a white power youth group in Alabama and it’s leader, an auto parts store manager.

His recruitment methods are simple—find white street kids and offer them food and a safe place to sleep.

He tells the kids he’s doing it because they are white and they deserve it. It’s a lot better than the streets. It doesn’t seem sexual, or pervy, except for the constant diet of white power ideology.

It’s sad. Some of the skinheads are appealing, in a young/dumb/fullocum kind of way. Under other circumstances they’d be working or going to school, having fun, and looking forward to their lives.

They were throw-aways, trying to come to terms with a family/social structure that would see fit to throw them away.

So instead of dealing with their low social status, and low expectations, they are taught by the auto parts store guy to blame their predicament on other people, non-whites and Jews, and homosexuals (why homos? why not).

What the white power people say seems plausible. If all Jews and non-whites were expelled from the USA, the prospects of these throw away youth would suddenly improve. They would be needed. They’d have jobs.

Or so they think. They haven’t had much time to study the behavior of their white brethren in Washington and on Wall Street.

My guess is that the poor black folk living in their town would have more understanding and even sympathy for the poor white shinheads than would any super-WASP investment banker.

They want something better for themselves, they just don’t know how to explain it.

So they act-out more and more until it gets murderous and they can’t be ignored. Then everybody wrings their hands and pretends to wonder why.

Why can’t people just accept loser-hood?

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