Wednesday, January 10, 2007


1) Sometimes I go little overboard and Pud has to pull me back. Pud is the kinder, gentler of us. He says I had no right to refer to Falun Gong members a “fucks.”

On a denotative level, I say that we all result from fucks, so, essentially we all ARE “fucks.” But I understand how some people could take this the wrong way. So, whenever I refer to someone as a “fuck” just think “nice person.”

2) Pud thinks he should be up in the top box along with Heraclitus, Diogenes and sfwillie. He points out that he is the only “Pudinhand Wilson” in googledom, whereas, as he so charmingly puts it, “half the drunks in the history of Ireland were named either “Willie” or “Morrissey.”

“Or both,” I added. Pud has a point, and I’ll consider his request.

3) Pud thinks I’ve been intercepting his fan mail, and my denials don’t impress him. He’s insisting on having his own email address, so we’ve changed the Who is Pud link to read "Who is Pud?—contact" for his kajillion fans.
Pud's new email address is

4) Pud is pissed that I used “Pud’s an asshole” as a label on a recent post. “I don’t mind for myself,” he said, “but what if my mother sees it—she’ll expect me to kill you.”

I told Pud that the label has been removed, and that he can assure his entire family that such a clerical error will never happen again.

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