Thursday, May 30, 2013


Rahm Emmanuel when White House chief of staff famously called the left wing of his own party

A bunch of fucking retards!

That would include me.


Rahm's gone and Barry Bupkis is in trouble. He has pissed off a bunch of people, including centrists and rightwingers and now it seems that nobody likes him anymore... except MSNBC apologists.

And even the MSNBC apologists have forsaken him over his attacks on Fox News and AP.

The three scandals are successively more serious.

1) Obama sent Susan Rice to lie on national news programs about the events in Benghazi. The lies are exposed, Susan Rice's ambitions are dashed, and Barry Bystander claims nothing to do with it.


2) IRS irregularities that seem to target right wing political groups. Probably not too big a deal, but Barry's bunch handle it with successive lies making it look more suspicious. Again, Barry had nothing to do with it.

3) Attorney General Barney Fife steals confidential files from two international news organizations and lies to Congress about it. Again, Barry was completely ignorant of any such goings on.


When it comes to Barry versus Rupert on the issue of press freedom, Barry's entire constituency sides with Rupert.

Heck, even I side with Rupert. I guess you could call that an Obama achievement.

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009

So Barry feels unloved so he gives a major speech.  That's one thing he actually can do.

About drones--he's for them and against them.

About indefinite detention and torture--he's for it and against it.

About press freedom--he's for it and against it.

He wants us to know that these things weigh heavily on him and that he hopes change will come some day.

In the meantime, drones, detentions, and press-attacks will continue as usual.

And just so no one would miss his intent to suck up the the Fucking Retards, Barry said that people should listen to voices like heckler Medea Benjamin's.

Barak Obama-United States-Politics

What a guy! If Barry is willing to listen to two minutes of Medea's rant as she's hustled out of the hall, well, all is forgiven.


So Barry busts another lame 'uck move.

He bestows a symbolic honor on the four black schoolgirl Birmingham bombing victims from fifty years ago.

This was to show the Black community that Barry likes them. So they should cut him slack on the black youth unemployment thing, the crappy schools thing , and the massive Black incarceration thing.

And, of course, the Black American community still must understand that Barry is president of all the people and his creds with white folk depend on him not giving special treatment to Black folk (except any Wall Street crooks who happen to be Black).

Barry has become such a villain that I look forward to seeing his demise.

Fox is seeking immediate revenge. AP will serve it much colder, almost unobserved.

In the end it's a simple story: wanting to be liked by all, he becomes universally despised.

Barry and George W. will be linked in history: a particularly low trough from which America had to recover.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013


Straight marriage USA:




Gay marriage USA:



(One of them is in drag.)

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