Friday, January 26, 2007


Eventually we may have to call on President Bush and Alberto Gonzales to take care of Gleegate.

The San Francisco Chronicle this morning published a summary to date of the attack by local toughs on visiting Yale glee-clubbers and the subsequent police cover up. New details are even more damning of the SFPD, Gavin Newsom, and Heather Fong.

[For basic background see Violent Mutant Geeks.]

When local law enforcement refuses to prosecute it’s own, the Federal Department of Justice can enter the case. We associate such action with backward Southern towns that refuse to part with their heritage of race-hatred. What a shame our fair city should join such a group!

If D.A. Kamala Harris fails to bring charges against the local perps, we could see some amusing table-turning. Why not?

By launching an FBI investigation into the SFPD and DA’s Office, President Bush could:

-defend his Yale brethren, like, what kind of president wouldn’t back up his homies?,
-stick it to Nancy Pelosi,
-harass Gavin Newsom’s national political ambitions,
-show San Francisco, and liberals in general, to be secretly as gay-hating as the rest of America.

Ok, it’s a shitty kind of rear-guard action, but what else does Bush have to do for two years? He already spends as much time as possible in the gym.
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