Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A week after Katrina, Bush gave a major address from Jackson square, with all sorts of dramatic outdoor lighting. The speech was extraordinary for its promises.

According to his speech, the aftermath of the recent hurricane had revealed to Bush for the first time the existence of dire poverty in the United States, and by golly, he was going to marshal our nation’s resources to do something about it.

No one, including the right wing pundits took it seriously, but for a few moments, Bush sounded like an egalitarian Democratic Socialist.

Then he looked at the inscription on his ring, This Too Shall Pass.

A lot of care went into the lighting that night in Jackson Square. Likewise, lot of care must have gone into the styling of the Humvee.

I used to be critical of civilians who went out and bought Hummers when they became available after Desert Storm. I can understand the car’s appeal. But the appeal is to hostility and physical domination. And it’s army-pretend.

So I’m wondering how much attention military suppliers pay to styling.

Is the appearance of the Humvee simply form following function? It certainly suggests functionality. I wonder if there were ever design conflicts between actual functionality and the appearance of functionality.

They sure look kick-ass. But reportedly, little ieds can blow the crap out of Humvees.

Bush discovered this for the first time, after he sent them to Iraq for our troops to use.

When they amend the constitution so that Arnold Swartzenegger can run for president, Arnie can do a photo op, with his yellow Hummer on a balmy night in Jackson Square. Bush’s guys could nail the lighting for him.

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