Monday, January 29, 2007


Green Day: American Idiot

We interpret this song and video as patriotic. You don’t have to wear a goddamn suit, or Heil Hitler, or kick some kid in the head.

I think the youth understand that our current ruling class comes from a long evolutionary process, just like Green Day's music, and that trying to replace them would cost a lot of blood, with no guarantee that the new ruling class would be any better than the one we have now.

What we need to do is find ways to help our existing ruling class be and do good.

Pud has named himself interim president of Support Our Ruling Class (SORC). Actually there are two organizations, SORC-SF, and SORC-U(nlimited). Pud is interim president of both.

For information on forming a SORC chapter in your city, contact Pudinhand Wilson here.

[Pud has cancelled his visit to the Yanomami. He intends to work full time on SORC.]

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