Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I find the reverence and solemnity associated with high art to be incredibly stupid. It drives away the more down-to-earth people. Maybe that’s the intent.

The whole idea of “meaning” is very off-putting. What is the “meaning” of Beethoven’s Fifth, or of Michelangelo’s Pieta?

I think it was TS Eliot who described a poem’s promise of “meaning” as a trick to get the audience to enjoy the sensual pleasure (the music of the poetry).

One of the evils of the illusion of “meaning” in art is that people sit through all sorts of boring, painful music and poetry because they want to understand the meaning, or worse, they pretend that they actually do understand the meaning, and the meaning is enough.

In the clip below, Heifetz is wearing white tie and it’s all very noble, but the music has all the nobility of a juggling act. Paganini would do anything to show off his virtuosity. It’s world class acrobatics. It's fireworks. It’s just for fun. It don’t mean shit.

Pud especially likes "the plucking stuff."

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