Monday, January 29, 2007


Pud warned me that our recent Gleegate related posts would give people the wrong impression.

We’ve gotten positive response for our “attacks” on the SF Police, Gavin Newsom, Gordon Getty and the ruling class in general, the Jesuits, Olympic Club and others.

We had no intent to attack anyone, except perhaps to suggest in very strong terms that the perps in the Yale beating case urgently need psychological help, and that maybe the criminal justice system could make sure they got it.

SFWILLIE’S BLOG begrudges none of these groups their power and prerogatives.

But power and prerogatives, like booze, must be used responsibly.

We’re not against the police department, we want a great police department.

We’re not opposed to puppet mayors, we want puppet mayors that do the right thing.

We’re not opposed to the ruling class, we want a ruling class we can be proud of, a ruling class, for instance, that doesn’t put this kind of crap in Golden Gate Park.

Even the Jesuits. While we oppose religion in general, we know that there are many well meaning priests, and brothers, and misters wearing the Jesuit black.

And especially we feel for police officers. As in any organization, almost all rank and file police officers want to do a job they can be proud of. Their greatest constraint is the laziness and crapola politics of the brass.

So SFWILLIE’S BLOG’s message to our local ruling class is, we love you, we’re behind you, we want you to be the best ruling class of any city on earth.

We want this time to be remembered as a great period in the history of San Francisco, not as a time when a bunch of irresponsible rich people fucked things up.

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