Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Our entire crew got together to watch the State of the Union address.

After the introduction, Bush did this shtick about Pelosi being the first woman House Speaker. There was a whole bunch of admiration bouncing around the chamber, for Nancy, for the nation, and for the legislators.

Isn’t this a great country! We actually have a woman third in line of succession for the presidency. And it’s only 2007!

Then, just as Bush was about to begin the actual speech, Janey, our jumpiest fact-checker, said what the rest of us were thinking, “I can’t watch this.”

We retired to the kitchen dinette and wolfed comfort food. The way my staff eats at our occasional gatherings troubles me. It’s like when they come here is the only time they get a full meal.

Someone turned on the kitchen TV during the post-speech analysis. The pundits were going on about the historic moment regarding Nancy Pelosi.

To congratulate themselves that we finally have a woman speaker shows how really lame our country is socially.

It’s like the South African regime congratulating itself for letting Nelson Mandela out of prison. Or like a southern governor congratulating his state for completing a full year without a single lynching. Or like the Pope proudly announcing that child-rapes by priests are down 10%.

George Bush is a war criminal. He is still murdering people in this criminal war. And there was Nancy Pelosi, standing up and applauding the fucker. Ain’t it great she’s a woman!

If Bush’s intent was to change the minds of the folks at SFWILLIE’S BLOG, his State of the Union Address was a total failure. We couldn’t bring ourselves to listen!

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