Tuesday, January 16, 2007


. . .because the cops don’t need you
and, man, they expect the same.
Bob Dylan

It’s sort of a cliché, when a driver stops in a strange hick town, he shouldn’t go too far off the highway, for fear of encountering that town’s contingent of violent mutant geeks.

For an extreme example of what I'm talking about, see the movie Deliverance.

Well, San Francisco is just such a hick town.

I think the Yale choir boy beating story had a brief national play. Here’s a decent summary.

I went to one of the high schools mentioned in the story, and witnessed the development of the kind of violent mutant geeks who are the alleged perps in the beating story.

It’s a Catholic boy high school thing. Half the S.F. police department went to one of the SF's three Catholic boys high schools. Their high school friends expect some leniency in future dealings, especially if wealth or status is involved.

So these alleged perp kids are 1) privileged, 2) burdened by expectations, and 3) twisted by the Catholic sex thing. They are San Francisco’s own Violent Mutant Geeks.

Young men, New Year’s eve, in the company of their male buddies, out looking to beat up other males--now that’s mutant-geeky.

Didn’t anyone tell them they’re supposed to be out looking for pussy?

So, when they beat up some guys, their cop buddies show up and let them go, just like normal. Except this time the victims are Yale choir boys, some with parents who want some sort of justice.

So the usual cop-lies are being exposed.

It’s a disgrace. Especially coming so soon after the death of a young SFPD patrolman who was shot while pursuing a dangerous escaped felon. He was a hero.

I’m a fourth generation San Franciscan. I’m ashamed. Pud is, too.

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sfmike said...

And you should be. This is really small-town corrupt stupid ugly stuff which should make us all embarrassed to be San Franciscans. And the cops in this town are feeling way too entitled these days. The backlash is going to be something.