Thursday, January 11, 2007


Pud says the polar ice caps are history.

“Trying to maintain a steady state, for instance keeping sea level where it is now, is futile. We should know by now that the only certainty is change. We try to foresee these changes but even our predictions are subject to change.

“The change now in progress is the disappearance of natural ice. Icecaps gone. Glaciers kaput. Snow-capped peaks hatless.

“We hear about an historical period called the ‘Ice Age,’ and supposedly there was a ‘little ice age’ in there somewhere.

“But now we are witnessing the end of the real ice age, defined as the period of time when there was naturally occurring frozen water on earth.

“The question is how long the ‘water age’ will last—how long before we enter the ‘steam age’.

“Entrepeneurs and other forward thinkers are already planning for the new exigencies.

“For instance, people will still be seeking thrills on Blueberry Hill, but it won’t be a hill anymore, it’ll be an island, and people will be arriving by watercraft.

“Personal solar-powered watercraft will be big. We’ll all be scooting around like a bunch of goddamn jesus-bugs.”

“We’ll be dead by then,” I reminded Pud.

“None too soon,” Pud said.

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