Monday, January 29, 2007


We, especially Pud, are sick and tired of stupid ad-hominem political attacks. For instance, his political enemies along with “jerkoff gossips” as Pud calls them, are tsk-tsking our mayor’s drinking and dating habits.

“There was Matier-talk that Gavin Newsom showed up at SFGH with liquor on his breath,” Pud said. “So fucking what!

“We expect a decent forty hours per week from our mayor, but when the work day ends he can do whatever he wants.

“Look at Winston Churchill. He got shitfaced every night after work, but that didn’t keep him from being a great man. He won a goddamn war for his country! Who cares how much he drank?

“Likewise Gavin Newson, he’s doing, or gonna do, terrific things for our city. Right? If it turns out that drinking is the worst you can say about him, he’ll be remembered as our city’s greatest mayor.

“And dating young girls? Talk about reaction formation! The men who criticize Newsom for dating eighteen-year-olds would, if suddenly possessed of Gavin’s good looks and pocketchange, be banging every recent high school grad in town.

“Eighteen is as legal as forty, Mr Mayor. Go for it!

“You know, criticizing someone for drinking and screwing is about as un-San Franciscan as you can get.

“These so-called journalists should stop their puling gossip and get to work on who killed Lester Garnier—that’s a manly task.”

Pud seemed adamant.

“Pud,” I said gently, “you can’t say ‘manly’.”

“Ok,” he said, “worthwhile, brave, non-insipid.


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