Friday, January 19, 2007


While our Cold War Military Industrial Complex was churning out ICBMs (inter-continental ballistic missiles), Benny Bufano was churning IGBA (inter-galactic ballistic art).

I remember seeing missiles at Fort Funston, and in the Marin headlands during the 1960s, just little Nike thingamajigs.

And I remember seeing Bufano’s missiles, also. Talk about redemption! Peace, pictured below, stood at the auto-entrance to SFO for decades. See more here.

Sure you can sip tea and hold your pinky in the air and talk about totem poles and obilisks and all that bs, but for me these Bufano’s will always be missiles, missiles of joy, missiles of peace, missiles of how the heck crazy can you get.

It’s not enough just to denounce the unholy icons of the devil-regime, one must provide alternatives. Benny answered the call and provided missiles for the rest of us.

Just as boy scouts are expected to “be prepared”, Benny Bufano was always “ready for blast off.”
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