Thursday, January 04, 2007


Pud is upset with all the hand wringing about the timing and manner of Saddam’s execution. BTW: the infamous video is available on YouTube.

“These pussies are upset that Saddam’s death wasn’t pretty enough. They’re upset that a video got out. One or the other, or both.

“They say we should have waited, or the execution should have been more ‘dignified.’

“We’ve killed tens of thousands of Iraqis under conditions a lot less dignified than Saddam’s execution. At least Saddam’s body remained intact, unlike the targets of 500lb bombs.

“These TV pundits are the same assholes who’ve used the phrase, ‘Hunt down and kill…’ so boldly, not they themselves doing the killing, someone else’s kids can take care of that.

“I praise the people who killed Saddam, I guess you could call them the Iraqi Government. They have learned the lesson of James Bond movies—when you get the drop on James Bond, kill him, don’t wait, don’t fuck around.

“So they killed his ass. And the talking heads are shocked.

“Puling, squeamish, hypocrites!”

I guess Pud’s pissed.

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