Monday, January 08, 2007


Some Protestants think that the Biblical “whore of Babylon” refers to the Roman Catholic Church. Looking at these two queens I have to agree.

They’re not turning many tricks these days, but they still like to pull out the rouge and the fine, if somewhat out of date, fashions, and reminisce about the old days when a good whore could get a little respect.

The guy on the left, Stanislaw Wielgus was promoted to be the head priest of Poland. The Pope, a former Hitler Youth himself, thought this old fuck was just the right guy for the job.

NYT gives an entertaining account.

Then reports circulated that Father Wielgus had been a secret collaborator with the former communist regime’s hated secret police, a whore/pimp relationship. He was spying on his fellow Catholics, including priests, and turning them in to be tortured and murdered, or something.

Like any corrupt corporate executive he denied the reports, thinking that all documentary evidence had been destroyed.

When documents did surface that clearly showed he had been working for the communist secret police, he had to admit to the collaboration, but claimed that his actions had somehow been non-harmful.

He’ll stick with that story until additional documents, if any, emerge.

Simpler than changing the policy on married priests, the church should outlaw all but cotton and wool garments for its clergy. By removing silk as a perk of promotion, a lot of priest-pervs will go elsewhere for their jollies.

Recently SFWILLIE’S BLOG, in the classic post Silly Goose, poked some gentle fun at gay uniform fetishists. Clothingwise they are pikers compared to the Catholic hierarchy, but morally so much more wholesome. As Pud says, "which would you want to take care of your kids?"

It’s long been my theory that people aren’t put in positions of power unless they have deep dark secrets that can be used to blackmail them out of any idea of independence.

Pedophilia has long served that purpose for Catholics. Now that the press and the victims have queered that deal, so to speak, past political crime seems to be the new cudgel.

Supporters of Bishop Wielgus blame ”the Jews” for his ouster.

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