Monday, January 15, 2007


Pud can’t let an MLK day go by without complaining about the Worst/Most Sung Song Ever Written.

“Musically, it’s a dirge.

“Unfortunately, the music completely befits the theme: long-suffering. It’s like, if we can endure the dark days of racism, we can endure this song, and vice-versa.

“Rhetorically, it’s inappropriately personalized, and defeatist.

“Any assertion of, ‘We shall overcome,’ can be dispositively refuted by killing the assertees. At least THEY won’t overcome.

“The assertion should be something less immediately disprovable, like ‘God will overcome,’ or, ‘Truth will overcome.’

“And when are they going to overcome? ‘Someday’? That doesn’t sound too promising. Haven’t they heard of instant gratification?

“’Deep in your heart’? Who gives a shit! (Pardon my french, but really…)

“The second verse is even worse. ‘We are not afraid’? If you have to say it, at all, it ain’t true. Man! Those German Shepherds and those fire hoses, and those crackers with ignorance and hate in their eyes, of course we’re afraid, shitlessly.

“But with truth, and justice and love we overcome our fear. And we take what is rightfully ours.”

Pud also thinks that in order to move forward, America has to deep-six Amazing Grace. “It’s the musical equivalent of ankle-weights.”
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