Thursday, February 01, 2007


There is so much crap to be processed that sometimes we lose sight of the good side of human nature.

SFWILLIE’S BLOG tries to highlight examples of nice people engaged in fun, wholesome activities. Question #2 in our simplified Catachism of Minerality is:

Q. Why did God make us?
A. God made us to be nice and have fun.

I had heard some of Green Day’s songs while working on Haight Street, but I didn’t know their name.

Then, working down near the Giant’s stadium I was aware of a big concert for a band I’d never heard of, called Green Day.

Our recent American Idiot link was the first time I put the name and the sound together.

That’s one great thing about ignorance—there’s so much neat stuff to learn.

These guys are great. They’re real, they appear to be coping, and their music is somehow non-despairing.

Is there, maybe, hope?

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