Thursday, February 01, 2007


Background: Per the Chronicle Story, the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, has admitted to having an affair with the wife of his long-time assistant and campaign manager. I’m not going to use his name.

The story has three aspects, the Sixth Commandment, forbidding adultery, Sexual harassment on the job, and cuckoldry. Violation of the sixth commandment “First offense, your honor!” is probably forgivable. The latter two are really not good things to do.

The Sixth Commandment

According to the version of Catholic sexual morality I grew up with, the sixth commandment forbids any willful sexual pleasure except in the context of penis-in-vagina ejaculation of married partners (PIVEMP).

This is not completely obvious from the mere words themselves, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. You see, God is not very articulate, so we need years and years of religious education in order to understand what He says.

This interpretation: all sex is bad except PIVEMP, is similar to saying that all drugs are bad except under a doctor’s orders.

So kids try marijuana and discover that it’s fun and completely benign. The parents lied about marijuana, they reason, so maybe they’re lying about heroin, let’s try it and see.

Similarly, kids jack off and experience no weird hair growth, they have fun sex without significant woes, so, why not try actual adultery?

Poor Gavin fell into this very trap. How was he to know that fucking his campaign manager’s wife would have negative consequences? There was only one way to find out, so he tried it.

Now Gavin understands the truth of those old words, Thou shalt not commit adultery. Maybe the meaning was obvious all along.

So life is a learning process. So what?

Sexual Harrassment

On the other hand, the woman involved was on mayor Newsom’s payroll.

This is a no-no that is unequivocal. The prima facie assumption is sexual harassment.

I think this, along with other issues that seem to be snowballing, might show that maybe Gavin isn’t up to the job. Gavin’s sponsors had such high hopes for him. They thought they had a thoroughbred.

This demonstrates the main problem faced by rich people everywhere: It’s hard to get good help.


A cuckold is a married man whose wife has sex with other men. Traditionally, a cuckold is the object of scorn and ridicule amongst his fellow men.

When a wife is unfaithful it hurts her husband’s trust and comfort within their relationship. Additionally it humiliates the husband in front of the community, especially in front of the husband’s male friends.

The latter pain, in many cases, is the more compelling..

I think in primitive times the remedy for being cuckolded was to kill the wife and her adulterous partner. Anything less would be unmanly.

So what about the poor guy, supposedly a friend not to mention a valuable advisor, whom Gavin Newsom has publicly cuckolded? Publicly means not just in SF and in California, but nationally and internationally.

And worse, for the rest of eternity, when you google the poor guy, you’ll find out in milliseconds that he’s the one whose wife got banged by the Mayor of San Francisco.

I don’t see any upside of this for him. He should sue big time.

Most confusing is the light this incident throws on Mayor Newsom’s advocacy of Gay Marriage. Like, ain’t marriage great!

Our Ruling Class is not being well served. Now, more than ever, they need our support.

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