Friday, February 16, 2007


When in session Burning Man is the third or fourth biggest city in Nevada. It’s supposed to be anarchic (free) but civil (non-violent).

Through fate I got to know one of the founders of Burning Man. The store where I worked on Haight Street was owned by a Burning Man/Cacophony Society guy, and Michael Mikel’s girlfriend did seamstress work in the same back loft where my desk was located.

Michael Mikel (the second name is pronounced the same as the first) would come around to visit his “old lady” and to do odd repair jobs around the store.

[The above picture came from this excellent website.]
I always heard that Michael was one of the three founders of Burning Man. That was confirmed for me just recently by news about a lawsuit regarding the ownership of the name Burning Man. Yep, Michael Mikel is one of the three disputants. Laughing Squid has the story, and a really neat picture of the b-man.

Maybe it’s sad that lawsuits are happening, or maybe it’s great accomplishment that Burning Man lasted so long and grew so big to even be lawsuit-worthy.

Anyway, I’m writing about cops, again. Michael Mikel, at Black Rock, is Danger Ranger, the head of the security and public safety patrol. Michael is omni-competent and infinitely patient and understanding and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d prefer to head a security force.

The issue is, does Burning Man need a security force? Pud says, “Hell yes!”

Are Michael Mikel and his deputies a bunch of fucking pigs? “Hell no!”

Is everyone satisfied with the performance of Michael’s patrol? “Probably not.”

I bet the Danger Rangers pass the acid test—they’re ok to have around when you’re tripping on LSD—for most people.

So let’s see, where does that leave us? Dump Heather Fong. Appoint Michael Mikel chief of police.

The first mayoral candidate to make that commitment, gets my vote.
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sfmike said...

Hey, Anybody But Gavin gets my vote at this point, though you're right. Michael Mikel would be the ultimate.

sfwillie said...

I think we're approaching the end game with Gavin. Even my guy, Ed Jew, is sticking it to him.

The payroll irregularities are going to sink him. People who actually have to show up at their jobs truly hate the bosses' chickies who don't.

I always thought of Mitchell Katz as an ok guy. It looks like his certification of Ms Tourk for CIP was a misdeed. For Gavin to draw Dr Katz into this is scumminess to the nth.

And when Gavin finally stops blocking the sun, there are some actual grownups on the board of supervisors.

I hope the Japanese press peppers him.

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