Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The downward spiral of our handsome but hollow Mayor Gavin Newsom has only accelerated with Newsom’s latest decision (Chronicle story).

Just days after the cuckold-your-best-friend scandal broke, the Mayor has announced that he’ll start treatment for alcohol abuse.

There’s lots of press dither about PR tactics vs true health concerns.

Our own Pudinhand Wilson says out loud what others fear to think. According to Pud:

“Gavin Newsom is facing a tough, life-defining decision. He has reached a true fork in the road.

“To make things simple the two tines of the fork are marked with signposts. One path is ‘Politics,’ the other path is ‘Alcohol.’ Gavin has to choose one or the other.

“And the poor guy is making the wrong choice again—he’s choosing Politics!

“Gavin has to understand that he drank too much because he wanted off the political career path. Even sfwillie understands this, as he showed in the recent post Gavin Newsom and Steve Howe.

“If he had chosen the alcohol path, he could have eventually moderated or even eliminated its effect on his life. While it’s rough on the body, alcohol was his friend. Instead he’s ignoring it, with potentially tragic consequences.

“Alcohol takes years to destroy a person. Politics can eat you up in no time.

“The real choice is both or neither. He’s choosing both. He has entered the rehab-relapse ping-pong game, with his soul as the ball.

“It’s not good for him. It’s not good for San Francisco. It’s just sad.”

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sfmike said...

Great diagnosis. And please fix the "is/as" typo in the penultimate paragraph. Your phrase is too good.