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The ops center for SFWILLIE’S BLOG is located in the southwest corner of San Francisco. In the past fifty years the population here has gone from 100% white lower middle class to about 50% Asian.

The most racist statement I’ve ever heard uttered by a person in authority came from a multiply-indicted Asian resident of my district, Julie Lee.

She was in the news again yesterday regarding some additional suspicious invoices she sent on an SF city contract.

When Julie Lee was first caught, three years ago, in an elaborate State of CA contracting and kickback fraud, her initial response was the race card.

She said that white people just don’t understand how Chinese people do business.

Say what?

Bribery, lying, and fraud are how Chinese do business? And it’s racist for white people not to understand and accept that?

Ms Lee probably also figured that, since she was ripping off her own Chinese people, white people had no business poking their noses.

Here’s how it allegedly worked.

A State Legislator from this district, Kevin Shelley, pushed for a half-million dollar state grant for a non-profit headed by Julie Lee, to set up an Asian immigrant assistance center out here in the avenues.

Julie Lee got the money but the center was never set up.

A large portion of the State money was kicked back to Kevin Shelley, the legislator who pushed for the grant, through campaign donations laundered in fraudulent real estate deals.

Ms Lee has court dates with the State, and with the Feds.

During that time, Ms Lee sat on San Francisco’s Housing Authority board, which administers federal housing assistance dollars, an appointee of that supreme race card shark, Willie Brown.

This sordid story never appeared in Genesis, St Ignatius High School’s quarterly clay paper alumni fund raising mag.

Besides acknowledging and encouraging donations, Genesis touts success stories of current and past Ignatians. This glorification of pagan worldly success is leavened by stories of student social service and a little bit of Jesus bs.

Kevin Shelley is a graduate of St Ignatius. The Keeping in Touch section of Genesis has noted the steps in his political ascendancy—Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, Secretary of State.

Kevin Shelley is the son of former San Francisco mayor Jack Shelley, himself an abject Democratic hack.

So Kevin Shelley got caught accepting some of the proceeds of Julie Lee’s fraud. He claimed ignorance. High paid, yeah. But ignorant. Here’s a good summary from the Chronicle.

Maybe there really is some racism here. Julie Lee is facing trials on multiple felonies. Kevin Shelley was forced to resign a Secretary of State, not for the Julie Lee deal, but for much vaguer reasons. As the shit was flying, members of Shelley’s staff came forward saying he was an extremely abusive boss. It looked like they were going to rat him out on innumerable petty improprieties, so he resigned.

Wiki says he’s currently practicing law. I’m sure he’s practicing something.

Another fine product of Jesuit education!

[Julie Lee photo Paul Chinn, Chronicle]

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sfmike said...

You've been on a tear lately. This is a great post and so are the ones preceding and following.

As for Julie Lee and racism, of course she's right. Shelley should definitely be in the same court docket as Ms. Lee but instead he's "working" as a lawyer. What a scummy family.