Tuesday, February 13, 2007


News has been so bad for our mayor that he is celebrating a previous success, oops, no, make that a previous failure.

If publicity was the goal, Gavin Newsom’s fraudulent marriage license scam was a huge success. Wikipedia consulters will always be told about Newsom’s gay marriage putsch.

Pud looks at the money aspects in the post below.

The marriage licenses were routinely and predictably overturned by the courts, and the city was ordered to refund the license and ceremony fees.

Pud looks at the money aspects in the post below.

Were celebrating (Chron Story) the third anniversary of this failure as one of Gavin’s great accomplishments as Mayor. This is supposed to divert our attention away from the mayor’s accumulating difficulties.

Mayor Newsom’s recent problems include the revelation of his adulterous affair with the wife of his close friend and devoted campaign manager.

As RPMmini put it on SF Junto:

I thought what bullshit it is to get up their and take bows and praise for his involvement with gay marriages, when he can't respect the institution of marriage, (gay or straight), in the first place.

So, nearly 8,000 gays and lesbians got to pretend for a precious few days that they were really and truly married, with an official license and everything.

Sort of sad, like a not-so-good drag show.

Sort of like, golly gee willikers!

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