Saturday, February 03, 2007


Sex Pistols God Save the Queen

If you could distill all of Judaism into one short prayer to Yahweh, it would be:

You’re supposed to be our God. Why are you acting like a putz?!

Even Jesus (God-the-Son) during his agony on the cross quizzed Eli (God-the-Father) about the abandonment thing. It was sort of a family problem, you know, like World War I.

Even sfwillie, as a senior at Saint Ignatius High School 1966, in response to the annual write a Shakespearean sonnet assignment, joined the protest movement with an effort that began

Where love’s concerned I find no greater show
Than St Ignatius High School where love’s taught.

Take my word, the remainder, which is a bill of particulars, only gets worse. The teacher was impressed and he mimeoed it for the class.

It touched off heated debate, not about the subject matter, but about whether the end of the second line scanned ok. This was the honor class and we took these things seriously.

The kids said it was three beats in a row. The teacher defended it as “sense syncopation.” In retrospect we had a pretty good English program.

As each generation hands off the mess called civilization to the next, wary ones among the recipients are going “Say what? You're giving us what?!”

I hate to keep harping on this, but these youngsters, Green Day, Sex Pistols, are so darn wholesome compared to much of what the grownups are doing.

Disco sucks. Thank God for the Sex Pistols!!

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