Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My best friend, Pudinhand Wilson, is outraged that our District 4 Supervisor, Ed Jew, is under attack for not being Chinese enough.

“This at a time when the press is asking if Barrack Obama is black enough. Is that asshole Ward Connerly black enough?”

There was an innocuous resolution passed by the Board last week that Ed Jew voted against. A local company that employs Chinese immigrants has laid them off and sent the jobs to Mexico. Here's the SF Bay Guardian story.

The laid off workers don’t like being laid off and are trying to take some action including asking the SF Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution (non-binding, no legal effect) asking the company, Monster Cable, to treat the workers better, at least give them some severance and stuff.

This was a typical bullshit resolution that makes some constituents feel better and gives the Board an agenda item that requires no effort.

My guy Ed Jew voted against it. The fact that he joined rightwing Newsom appointees Alioto-Pier and Elsbernd in voting No raises a little red flag, but the non-pc-ness of Ed’s vote doesn’t bother me or Pud.

Leon Chow, chair of the CPA [Chinese Progressive Association], was very disappointed that Jew, being the only Chinese American on the board, opposed the measure. He and others said Monster appears to be financially healthy and the outsourcing was based simply on greed.

“So Ed Jew gets criticized for not supporting the Chinese workers,” Pud says. So the assumption is that because Ed is Chinese he should vote differently than he might if he weren’t Chinese.

“As a white guy living in Ed’s district I want him making decisions based on what’s good for everybody, not on what’s good for his fellow Chinese.”

SFWILLIE’S BLOG salutes Supervisor Ed Jew for standing up to this overt racism.

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sfmike said...

Actually, the people Ed Jew likes are Chinese owners rather than Chinese workers, but you're right. There was nothing racial involved. It was just good old-fashioned class war. You're also right about stupid, non-binding resolutions.

sfwillie said...

Re: class war. People always act so surprised when they get fucked over by the normal processes of capitalism. A system of winners and losers means that we all lose.

How local govt relates to these national and global processes is a tough nut.

BTW: When it comes to Chinese owners versus White owners, whose asses are Ed gonna suck?