Friday, February 02, 2007


HuffPo wonders why Gavin Newsom sex is a national story.

It’s not, except that Newsom is a national politician in training and a lot of time and money have gone into grooming him for that role. He announced his ambitions by seizing the national stage on the same sex marriage issue. He did this only a few days after becoming San Francisco Mayor.

If Gavin Newsom had been in a serious car accident, say, instead of the sex thing, it still would have gotten national coverage.

He’s like a pitching phenom who signs a big contract but is sent to the minor leagues for some mellowing. San Francisco is the minor leagues. He’s using us for practice.

It’s a huge story in San Francisco because, well, we are the minor leagues, and Gavin Newsom was the biggest political prospect we’ve had in a while.

So the death of Newsom’s career is nationally newsworthy, at least as much as the death of Barbaro. Plus it has sex.

We were hoping for a successful season out of Newsom before he moved up to the majors, but it looks like that won’t happen.

SFWILLIE’S BLOG was incensed about the inaction of authorities regarding the Yale Baker’s Dozen Gleegate beating case. We wanted to know why.

Now we know. Our look at local politics just happened to coincide with Gavin Newsom’s meltdown. He doesn’t care about the Yale kids. He doesn’t care about the reputation of his home town. He’s got his own problems to think about.

Pud says there’s nothing else we can do. We’ve advised the ruling class to dump Gavin. We’ve requested that the Feds step in to investigate Gleegate specifically and SFPD in general.

I don’t know about Baghdad, but SF could use some sort of surge.

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