Monday, February 19, 2007

Levels of injustice: THE CASE OF ERICA K.

This case took place years ago in Country X.

01. Erica K, an attractive young woman gets a job in a government office.
02. Erica supports both herself and her widowed mother with her salary.
03. Erica is competent at her job.
04. Erica’s male boss is attracted to her.
05. The boss asks Erica for a date.
06. Erica goes out on the date.
07. The boss tells Erica she can have a pay raise if she sleeps with him once.
08. Erica reluctantly sleeps with him, only once, because she needs the money for her mother’s medicine. She gets her raise.
09. The boss continues to pursue Erica.
10. The boss tells Erica that if she doesn’t continue to sleep with him she’ll be fired.
11. Erica refuses to sleep with him, and she’s fired.
12. Erica can’t find another job.
13. Erica’s replacement is much less competent and the overall output of the office has greatly suffered.
14. Erica comes to a meeting of your Good Government group and asks for financial assistance in filing a legal action. She has plenty of documented evidence. All she needs is a couple hundred dollars for court filing fees, and of course the moral support of your group.

No brainer, hunh? The woman clearly should get her job back. The firing was unfair not only to Erica but to taxpayers in general since they’re getting less bang for their tax dollar from Erica’s replacement.

Before we write the check, let’s consider some additional facts.

15. Erica’s job was with the National Transport Ministry.
16. The country is Germany.
17. The year is 1942.
18. Erica’s job was in scheduling and routing.
19. Erica’s mission was to expedite the passage of certain types of trains.
20. The trains she was expediting were heading to death camps.

Is Erica the victim of an injustice? Without a doubt.

Are we going to lift a finger to help Erica get her job back? Hell no!

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