Saturday, February 24, 2007


I don’t care what color a candidate is. Really. All I care about are policies and procedures. What you gonna do? How you gonna do it?

Barack is good looking, and can talk. But he hasn’t addressed my two questions. Would I tend to vote for someone because they’re black? Hell no!

And Hilary’s in town for fundraising. According to the Fog City Journal story, Hilary doesn’t have a specific plan to improve health care in the U.S., but she has a firm commitment to study blah blah blah.

This woman was put in charge of our nation’s health care improvement project in 1992. Remember, right after the election she told us her name henceforth would be Hillary RODHAM Clinton, and then she totally fucked up the health care initiative.

What! She hasn’t thought about it since? From FCJ:

She said that while she doesn't have a definitive plan on universal health care, she would make it a point to examine the major costs of healthcare and turn the data into a "uniquely American solution."

Would I vote for Hillary because she's a woman and wouldn’t it be groovy to have a woman president? Hell no!

Take Golda Meir (anti Zionists say “please”). When I think of her, it’s not as a woman politician. I think of her a person who will kick ass prior to taking names. She happens to be a woman.

Wikipedia has a nice entry on Golda Meir. In the photo below we a second striking of the bust of piano-comedian Victor Borge. They threw on a strand of pearls and called it Golda Meir.

Has anyone said, “There’s this guy with really exciting policies and innovative ways to achieve them. Oh, and he happens to be black”? (Obama)

Or, “There’s this senator with really exciting policies and innovative ways to achieve them. Oh, and the senator happens to be a woman”? (Clinton)

No, and No.

The person who won the Yom Kippur War just happened to be a woman. (Meir)

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