Monday, February 12, 2007


San Francisco's St Ignatius High School (SI), now called a college prep, is part of a not so secret plan to rule the world.

Conceived in the renaissance as a way to increase and perpetuate the power of the infamous Borgia family, this plan is code named Society of Jesus, or Jesuits for short.

This, and other themes Loyolan will be explored in the new blog Jesuit Watch, a second offspring of the sfwillie/Pudinhand Wilson mosh.

SI certainly has it’s hooks into San Francisco’s power structure. We SF political junkies should remember that we’re only a small part of the overall (Jesuit) scheme of things.

Visitors to Jesuit Watch will learn that the Company (the Society’s original, more ominous name) is also educating the offpring of Wheeling, West Virginia’s ruling class. And many bright kids in between.

We’ve had two more SI alumni in the news:

Lt Governor Leo McCarthy, died recently. He was an SI grad, 1942. Mr McCarthy is pictured below in the most recent issue of SI’s Alumni Mag, Genesis.

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, her husband, Paul Pelosi is an SI grad, 1958. According to wikipedia, Paul supplied the money.

BTW: Mr Pelosi graduated the same year as Jerry Brown, formerly a two term California governor, presidential candidate, mayor of Oakland, and now State Attorney General.

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