Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This LA Times story tells of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visits to three Los Angeles area venues yesterday.

Obama’s trip was a combination of campaigning and fundraising. Noteworthy were the movie stars and celebrities attending the two fundraisers. People in all three venues were excited just to be around the attractive candidate.

Pud has analyzed how much it cost that day to “be around” Obama.

The numbers in the below chart come from the Times story, plus Pud has introduced the following assumptions.

- Obama spent two hours (7200 seconds) at each of the three events.
- What if Obama spent the entire time at each event talking to the attendees individually.

With the numbers and assumptions we can calculate how much it costs for individual face-time with Obama, plus other interesting calcs.

At the mansion you can get three full minutes with Obama for $46,000. If elected president his rate would go up, but still there are plenty of corporations and individuals only too willing to pay.

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