Saturday, February 17, 2007


A recent report on the industrialized nations ranks Britain and the United States as the worst countries for children growing up. The Netherlands was the best. This video demonstrates:

The position of the Catholic Church is that it’s better for a kid to be raised by his or her drunken abusive birth-parents, than to be raised by a loving, nurturing same-sex couple.

This attitude clearly puts ideology above humanity. According to the Pope the kid in this video is a spokesperson for Satan.

Of course, the Church believes that stranger rape is less malicious (as long as it’s penis in vagina), than felatio between a married couple, because rape is natural and felatio is an unnatural act. Whee!

According to this article, bullying is a major concern. In Holland, the grownups see their responsibility as defending kids from harm. In England and the U.S., bullying is seen as a normal challenge of growing up, and kids have to defend themselves, or suffer.

My friend Jim sent me the link to this video. Check out his fecund mentality at Blue Elephant.

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