Monday, July 27, 2009


We've been hearing numerous overseas reports of forceful worker resistance to management's offload of economic pain onto them.

Workplace takeovers and manager hostage-taking have become almost commonplace in Europe.

By comparison, American workers are wimps.


According to this Guardian UK story, some Chinese workers are stepping it up.

Thousands of angry Chinese steel workers clashed with police and beat to death an executive of the firm trying to take over their company, a Hong Kong-based human rights organisation has said.

Rioters killed Chen Guojun, the general manager of Jianlong Steel Holding Company, after learning that the privatised firm was to buy a majority stake in state-owned Tonghua Iron and Steel Group. The deal now appears to be scrapped.

Chinese workers have yet to learn that under capitalism the owners are supposed to exploit the workers, that's the whole point.

[The NYT picture above is of a different riot in China, one that destroyed several government buildings.]

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