Saturday, July 18, 2009


Good-looking and articulate are two qualities required for the job of "spokesmodel."

Moral flexibility is a third.

A spokesmodel explains the benefits of whatever his or her employer is selling, plus, demonstrates in his or her person the salutary effects of what the employer is selling.


Good spokesmodels are hard to hire because qualified candidates have so much going for themselves that they are loath to tell other people's lies.

This is why TV news anchors are so well compensated--you have to pay them more for telling your lies than they could make telling their own, or, more than they could make in a non- lie-telling profession.

Spokesmodel is one of the roles that a modern US president plays.

JFK, Ronald Reagan, and to some extent Bill Clinton exploited their spokesmodel skills.


(Writing sales-training programs I heard the term "borax salesman." The picture is a man, or woman sitting on top of a big white pile of borax. No matter who passes on the road below, the borax salesman will try to sell them borax.)

Bush II (Georgie) was a colossal failure as a spokesmodel.  He was presentable enough, but when he spoke...

Georgie couldn't sell a story.  He couldn't even tell a story. "Evildoers"?

So now we have Barack, the best damn spokesmodel money can buy.


He can tell an NAACP convention about the importance of a good (public) education while sending his two girls to the most exclusive private school in the world.

Now that's spokesmodeling!

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