Wednesday, July 22, 2009


John Arivosis over at Americablog was pissed off about President Obama's White House meeting with Gay Leaders. His first sentence sets the tone.

I'm so proud of our gay leaders today. Getting all spiffed up to go to the White House and "deliver our president a message."

There may be some campaign promises on which President Coolbreeze has yet to renege, but he's definitely reneged on gay rights.

Obama told the so called Gay Leaders that, because of a crowded agenda, justice for gay people will have to wait.  But, get this, he promises some sort of action in the future.


And the Gay Leaders just sort of went away.  There was almost zero coverage* even in the gay press.

Nobody even seems to appreciate the irony of a black president telling a minority group of mostly white people that they will have to wait for justice.

I can understand pussified gay men accepting this brush off, but where is the dyke rage?  Don't tell me dykes are becoming pussies, too!

Obama knew the LGBT folks would acquiesce: that's what the Rick Warren thing was all about, a test.

Rick Warren, we remember, is the notorious gay-hating "Christian" pastor whom Barack invited to speak at the inauguration. Just to be clear: Rick Warren's message enables  anti-gay violence, including murder.


At the time, in this blog and through email, I begged the San Francisco Gay Freedom Band to back out of marching in the inaugural parade, as a way to protest Warren's presence--to no avail.

After demonstrating a willingness to eat shit, why do Gay Leaders think they'll ever be served anything else?

Message to Gay Leaders:  Obama doesn't particularly like gay people and he won't go out of his way to help us.

Mr Arivosis' post contains a short, sweet bill of particulars regarding Obama's broken promises.

You know, the assumption has been that if gay people just come out of the closet, that non-gay people will get to know us and like us. That's why gay activists were so shocked by the Prop 8 vote.

It's painful to not be liked. It's easier to pretend that Obama likes us, and will help us out if we just wait for him to do the more important things first.

The Warsaw ghetto had "leaders," too.

* I think Olberman made a comment but there was little else.

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