Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I registered for two Fall semester classes at City College of San Francisco.

Btw: The native has always understood CCSF to be the initials for City College, not for City and County.  Those who intend the later are sowing confusion and dissing City College.

Anyway, what a bargain!

In my woodwind class I spend an hour (or less) per week with popular pro jazzer Charlie McCarthy. Each week I get 5-10 minutes of Charlie's individual attention, plus I play a couple of pieces with other students. Because of Monday holidays, this class meets about 15 times.

My stage band class meets for three hours Wednesday afternoons, for 18 session. This class is lead by Grammy nominated composer/guitarist Lenny Carlson.

Lenny recently produced a cd called Seat of the Pants, and youtubed the title track. A lot of effort went in to coordinating the visuals with the music, more so than the usual music youtube.

I like Lenny's compositions because they balance jazz' usual self-indulgence with plenty of audience-indulgence

I call his compositional style Jazz Galant. Definitely worth a listen, and look.

Also, check out Lenny's homepage.

So, what do I pay for all this time with professional musicians?  $65.00, complete. That $20 each for the two classes and $25 for student fees etc. I'll pay more than $65 in Muni fares getting to and fro.

Also, the last checked S.F. Public Library cards are free, and it's still free to borrow books and stuff.

Why is the board letting these revenue enhancement opportunities slip through the cracks? Like, we have City retirees to support!

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