Friday, July 17, 2009


Even as a fourth generation San Franciscan I'm still trying to determine what this city is "all about."

I was on the verge of giving up and allowing that SF might be about many things, or about different things for different people.

Nick o' time Larry Bain comes to the rescue in this sfgate story about Mayor Newsom's plan to rent out space in our City's parks to food vendors.

The food served in city parks should really speak to what our city is about - making food choices that balance with nature," said Bain,

I think this is a terrible plan, for a number of reasons. But worst is this bullcrap about healthful foods. I guess the "healthy food" certification will generate some bribery opportunities.

Mr Bain is an expert in the high-end hot dog market. His cleverly named Marina district store is already supplemented by a Crissy Field vending cart.

Parks and hot dogs seem to go together.  Bain explains

that some of the grass-fed beef for his hot dogs comes from cattle raised on national park land.

Man, that's something!

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