Friday, July 31, 2009


The Italian Drug Agency's approval of RU-486 for the early termination of pregnancies, even with restrictions, shows refreshing defiance of the Roman Catholic Church, which is currently led by, of all things, a Nazi Pope.

Yep, the guy who is now pope once saluted this flag:


According to this story on HuffPo, the Vatican is not amused about the "abortion pill":

"Suppression of an embryo is de facto the suppression of human life, which has dignity and value from conception to the end," Fisichella [Archbishop Rino Fisichella, pictured below] told Corriere della Sera,

In my opinion, the Church's history of torture, murder, and slave-trading, not just in practice but as policy, renders such a pronouncement laughable.

Not to mention the guy's costume.


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