Thursday, July 30, 2009


A jazz flutist on Galway Flute Chat group includes this (new to me) Yogi Berra quote in his email signature:

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."


My favorite remains, because it's sooo true:

The place has gotten so crowded, no one goes there anymore.

Re: I once used a baseball example to explain the difference between alcohol and LSD:

When the average pitcher takes the mound drunk and sees two catcher's mitt targets, he might have trouble deciding which mitt to aim for.


When Dock Ellis took the mound on LSD, he saw a dozen catcher's mitts, but, no problem, he aimed at all of them. And threw a no-hitter.

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sfmike said...

I just read your Doc Ellis Wikipedia link. He's my new hero.

Although I foreswore LSD a few decades ago and had more unpleasant trips than pleasant ones when I was young, there were a few where I did have godlike hallucinations, such as being able to see every nerve ending going from my brain stem down my spine and to the various extremities of my body. And it was in color! I'm sure, by the way, what I saw was real.

sfwillie said...

Thank, Mike,

The wikipedia article IS great.

A window into a bygone era. Sports is so much about money, only.

So Dock,that's how the article spells it, has friends in L.A.. He's not pitching that night (he thinks) so why not drop some acid...

He IS heroic. Strange, these days, just having fun seems heroic.

Don't you love the curlers!