Saturday, July 18, 2009


Am I the only one on earth who remembers Walter Cronkite as a lying sack of shit?

Cronkite was the media lead-man in defending the Warren Commission coverup of the JFK assassination.


He probably thought his lies were necessary to calm the nation, even to avoid World War III.  But he wound up defending the Johnson/Hoover coup de tat.

[Youngsters:  There is/was no credible evidence that Lee Harvey Owsald ever fired a shot at the JFK motorcade.]

Supposed heroism? Cronkite said nothing about Vietnam that hadn't already been thoroughly reported in the Wall Street Journal. Cronkite spoke not only what but when his bosses wanted.

I can't remember if Cronkite eventually softened his Warren Commission cheerleading, but if so, it would have been long after the damage was done.

Walter Cronkite, spokesmodel.

(You don't have to be a babe to be a spokesmodel.  Avuncular works, too, like Wilford Brimly selling mail order ostomy supplies.)

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Anonymous said...

Sliced and diced a man that is dead and can't defend himself. Nice guy aren't you.