Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have formed a new understanding of illegal immigration, with no thanks to any advocates for or against.

My new view:

The notion that poor people from Central America should respect U.S. borders is absurd.

Any assertion that respect for national sovereignty is operative in the Western Hemisphere is disproved by history.  The United States has zero respect for any nation's sovereignty except its own.


The U.S. routinely invades other countries at will.

The U.S. rips off other countries so that the average U.S. citizen can consume X times more resources than the average anyone-else.

So, my reasoning goes, people who come here from countries that the U.S. has exploited, and for the purpose of reasonable financial gain, are simply repatriating stolen resources.

flag pir

The thief country really has no say, morally, about how the stolen goods are returned to the rightful owners.

Why haven't I heard this argument before?

I guess there aren't many here who agree that the so-called Great American Experiment has been an ongoing criminal enterprise starting with Columbus.

That enterprise still operates, a guy named Barack runs it these days.

I don't know if this makes anybody feel better.

BTW:  There are still plenty of people I don't want coming here, e.g., drug cartel hit squads, escaped child rapists, etc.

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Bob said...

any comment to irrationality would be irrational