Saturday, July 25, 2009


A 2003 Chronicle story tells the chilling tale of the murder of SFPD Officer Lester Garnier.


The weird, foot-dragging investigation on the part of SFPD brass hints at some deeply sinister ju-ju.

As the story noted:

"The City didn't do right for Lester," said Mike Kemmitt, the department's former lieutenant of vice and Garnier's supervisor. "I always felt like we could have done more, that we could have shaken the bushes, gotten our snitches working. I'm kind of ashamed of myself for not pushing more.

Another weirdness is that the Walnut Creek police, who had jurisdiction, suspected the apparent "hit" was an inside job, i.e., SFPD.

A thorough investigation of  Officer Garnier's murder would have discovered deep secrets about S. F. politics, and especially about the interaction of SFPD with the FBI.

And still would.

Anyway, new SFPD Chief George Gascon adds his name to the inglorious list of Chiefs who have failed to "do right for Lester."


Unlike the others, Gascon still can do the right thing.  What are the chances?

Cops are supposed to give a shit when one of their own gets gunned down.

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