Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The behavior in question is Obama's "wanting to look forward," approach to investigating the crimes of the Bush/Cheney administration.

[Obama calls Iraq a "war of choice," which is a soft synonym for "war of aggression." A war of aggression IS mass murder.]


Obama's position amounts to a de facto blanket pardon.  Actually, for the criminals it's better than a pardon because it involves no acknowledgement of guilt, or even that any crimes were ever committed.

Obama's supposed to be a good guy--why doesn't he arrest the bad guys?

Maybe there was a deal struck between outgoing George W. Bush and incoming Barack during the transition.

Bush's Offer: Bush tells Obama that he will not allow Cheney and the rest his cronies to go to jail. Bush says he intends to issue a blanket pardon to everyone in his administration, including himself.

Barack's Response:  That's outrageous, and constitutionally questionable.  There would be a huge public uproar. There's a good chance of a Constitutional Crisis. And in the end, the pardons wouldn't stand.

Bush:  I agree. The consternation would be so great that it would completely consume the first two years of your presidency.

Barack:  So...

Bush:  So you promise me (our lawyers will figure out how to memorialize it) that you won't investigate or prosecute any crimes committed by anyone in my administration--for anything.

Barack:  If this agreement were made public it would be my political funeral.

Georgie: So you can't back out of it.

Barack:  Congratulations, George.  You fucked me good.

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