Friday, March 02, 2007


Because people are goddamn annoying.

I began my life in an almost lily-white Leave It to Beaver milieu. Still, it took many years to experience and learn how to deal with all the annoying things about white people. (Actually I’m still learning.)

Then, with integration, I had to be “tolerant” of black people while they learned to act white.

Now, with multiculturalism, non-European cultures are equal, which means, for each different culture I have to experience their unique annoying behaviors and learn how to deal with them.

I’m not saying it’s unfair, it’s just goddamn annoying. It’s annoying for people from all cultures, not just for white people, obviously.

I’m not saying any race or ethnicity is more annoying than any other. I’m certainly not saying that anyone’s more annoying than white people. If anything, I would hope the opposite.

It’s time to stop pussyfooting around this issue. It’s time to admit that all people are annoying and that different cultures might be annoying in different ways.

I for one would like to know how San Franciscans really feel about each other. Mister Eng chose a method of discussion that people can’t handle very well. This WaPo story discusses the aftermath of the Eng affair. [Photo from WaPo story.]

Race is sort of like sex, people hesitate to tell what they really do or how they really feel. I’d like to see a Kinsey type survey on racial and ethnic stereotypes, focusing on the question of likes and dislikes about other races, as well as one’s own.

1. The thing I like most about Asian people.
2. The most annoying thing about Asian people
3. The thing I like most about White people.
4. The most annoying thing about White people.
5. Etcetera

A well designed properly controlled study could reveal non-obvious facts about inter-ethnic perceptions.

For instance, in his article, which produced a rare unanimity of condemnation, Mr Eng stated his first reason for hating Black people is because Black people hate Asians and act mean toward them.

It’s hard not to get tangled up in truth-testing Mr Eng’s perception. But much more interesting would be to discover if other Asians shared Mr Eng’s view, and if so how many.

Taking stock of actual perceptions, both positive and negative, would indicate a commitment that we really want to get along, enough to face facts.

Because of the number of ethnicities that rub elbows in San Francisco such a survey could be a huge undertaking, so we’ll probably continue to suffer in ignorance.

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CrazyCanuck said...

I believe it is not all cultures that are irritating, but people themselves and their inability to compromise. We need to realize we live in a society of indiviuals that are trying to act a disjointed group in accomplishing their percieved seperate ends. The problem is, since each of us have our own indivual ethnocentricities the means to these similar ends become convoluted by our individual expression. Perhaps before we judge or act, we should ask what it is they/we are trying to accomplish and choose the least abrasive/invasive method of effecting this while mainting our indvidual expression; Or at least have enough sense to realize that not everyone else really cares enough about our needs and will only tolerate our behaviour so far as it keeps in sync with their own end goals. There in lies the conundrum, how can we act as a group when we want to express ourselves as individuals?

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