Thursday, March 22, 2007


I’ve been so busy investigating the long earthworm called the Catholic Church I almost forgot to praise and brag about my District 4 supervisor Ed Jew.

He made another good vote against an ordinance requiring large grocery stores to stop using non-degradable plastic bags, like they all use now.

Ed explained his vote in this Mercury-News story:

"Many of the people in my district can't believe we are spending so much time talking about plastic bags and grocery bags, that issues like crime and homelessness need to be addressed," Jew said.

Another thing District 4 should be proud of is our low level of financial support for Gavin Newsom’s mayoral campaigns.

Gavin Watch has posted a breakdown by San Francisco Zip Code of the per capita donations to two of Newsom’s campaigns. District 4 falls in the lowest category, somewhere between zero and fifty cents per person.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like I am in the less than .50 cents part of the city as well - that figures because we're pretty poor here. Alas, our supervisor (Daly) doesn't have much interest in the working poor, retired or Latino/Asian families of his district either.