Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sfmike has documented on his Civic Center blog how an ideological Board of Education has taken from its students the opportunity to participate in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp, J-ROTC. See his great photostories here, sample picture below.

Dressing up in uniforms and marching around and following orders isn’t every teenager’s idea of fun, but for the kids that enjoy it, where’s the fucking harm!

The School Board’s excuse was that the U.S. military discriminates against gays. There was no allegation that J-ROTC in San Francisco has discriminated against anyone and I would be shocked if they did. I suspect anti-military political correctness entered into consideration.

If the City wants to sever relations with organizations that discriminate against gay people I suggest starting with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church openly discriminates against gay people and women.

In addition to blatant employment discrimination the Catholic Church uses its tax exempt status to deny women (read poor women) the right to reproductive choice. They are opposed to any gay rights and they characterize gay sex as sinful. The Catholic Church actively discourages the use of condoms.

The Catholic Church has a right to exist and function within the City and County, but to be consistent, the City should immediately cease any non-legally-mandated relations with the Catholic Church.

And if the City isn’t willing to be consistent, it should give the schoolkids back their J-ROTC.

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