Wednesday, March 14, 2007


On Tuesday our Board of Supervisors passed a resolution calling for a safe, immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

This was handled as an item of business, and was reported as one of the significant events of that meeting.

The vote was unanimous except for the Supe from my district, Ed Jew. My guy Ed was quoted in the Examiner article:

“I believe that we have a war here in San Francisco — here in the Western Addition and the Bayview. And we need to address issues like homelessness, and Muni and making sure that we do our job at repairing potholes,” Jew said. “We need to concentrate on the issues on hand within the county of San Francisco.”

I congratulate Ed Jew for his position but also for his political astuteness. Sfwillie’s rule is always spoil a unanimous vote. If the majority was correct, your vote will be forgotten, or can be rationalized. If it turns out that you, the only dissenter, were correct, then you’re a genius, a visionary. There is only upside in being a lone vote.

But it’s good that the Supervisors get a little scolding for futzing around when real work needs to get done.

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