Thursday, March 01, 2007


Response to the Asian Week article, Why I Hate Blacks, has brought the San Francisco community together like no other event (Examiner story here). Whoremongers, politicians, corrupt church leaders, c***suckers, and lingualists of all body parts, and all nice people, blameless, celibate and sewn up, even our worthless mayor, all agree that the article should not have been published.

Guess what Pud thinks.

“Such unanimity is a red flag,” Pud says, “it means there are evil forces afoot. It takes no time before the bullshit starts flying.

“Our Ted-Bundyish Mayor led the way in an Examiner article:
Mayor Gavin Newsom said in a statement that the column had “no place in a city that is known around the world for civil rights and equality for all people…”
“Of course, the exact opposite is true. Not to dump on San Francisco, but it’s no more tolerant or inclusive than any other northern U.S. city. But it thinks it is.

“Just one example: As the result of a discrimination lawsuit brought by black people, the San Francisco Fire Department operated under a Consent Decree by which a Federal judge monitored the department’s hiring practices. This lasted from 1988 through 1997. That was just ten years ago.

“According to a nice article that appeared in Asian Week last year, the first black SFFD hire was in 1955, the first woman in 1987. The article, by Angela Pang, focuses on an Asian Firefighter, Keith Onishi, who seems to let the racism roll off his back. He’s very matter of fact.

“The mayor’s quote shows which evil lurks,” Pud says. “The I Hate Blacks article tarnishes San Francisco’s image as a tolerant city. Of course, that image of tolerance is total bullshit.

“The I Hate author was very crude and insulting, but in his own half-conscious way he was declaring to the world that the emperor has no clothes. That was his sin.”
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