Saturday, March 10, 2007


Till There Was You - Meredith Wilson
Some people think of this as a Beatles song.

During her last couple of days my mom wasn’t very responsive. She couldn’t talk but when the nurse shouted at her she’d maybe move her head slightly.

I visited her in the morning and in the evening both of her last days, but there wasn’t much I could do except hold her hand and say soothing things.

On the second day, out of frustration, I sang to her. I closed the door, and sang really loud, with full breath support, some of our favorite songs.

I think she could hear. I think a couple times the moved her lips along with the lyrics. Anyway, it was better than just sitting there, and if she could hear me, so much the better.

In our family, Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man was like a sacrament. This beautiful love song happens at the climax of the story. It’s the last song my mom heard before she died.

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