Sunday, March 04, 2007


But, really, there’s a vacancy behind Mayor Newsom’s eyes, and a cadence to his voice, his words a flood of seeming reasonableness, that’s just a little psycho, or at least a little detached. Seeing him recently on TV has made me think of Ted Bundy.

Check out Ted: a note on YouTube says this was close to his execution.

Here’s a snippet of Mayor Newsom talking about cuckolding his campaign manager. It's only reasonable that our mayor should feel bad, poor guy!

This video shows Mayor Newsom leading a neighborhood “Townhall.” His pacing around the audience makes me nervous. I believe this event took place before Mayor Newsom announced he'd be getting help with his own drinking problem. Notice the flow of reasonableness.

BTW: Our Mayor rails against “80-proof.” His business is selling wine.

The very best examples of what I’m talking about are photos to be found on Fog City Journal. You can click around various stories to find photos by Luke Thomas. The two pictures of Mayor Newsom in this story are as edgy as any Diane Arbus stuff.

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