Thursday, March 15, 2007


We think we first heard the rumblings from h.brown this morning.

SF Junto is discussing it seriously.

The board of directors of SFWILLIE’S BLOG has concluded an emergency meeting (our only kind) and have agreed, almost unanimously, to endorse Danny Glover for Mayor of San Francisco.

After we voted to endorse Danny Glover for Mayor someone said we should probably give some reasons for our endorsement.

1. Danny Glover is a native San Franciscan.
2. Danny Glover went to SF State during the strike.
3. Danny Glover has reasonable, progressive politics.
4. Danny Glover can repair the harm to our city’s image caused by the current mayor.
5. Danny Glover has enormous star power and personal presence.
6. Nobody doesn’t like Danny Glover.

SFWILLIE’S BLOG’s probably won’t be the most important endorsement Glover picks up. We’re trying to make it the first.


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The Blue Elephant said...

The trudging political work of the 1960s was worth the one afternoon I walked the picket line with Danny Glover -- first hand contact with great human love. - JE

Anonymous said...

Check out www Elect Danny That should give an idea of what people are thinking.

Interesting that Josh Wolfs Mother was the first person to join the site.