Saturday, December 23, 2006

Y B Gd

To and from my Palm Springs (mid-week) Weekend, I had fly-by visits with my three cousins in L.A, two to and one from. My first-cousins are the kindest, friendliest, most honest people in the world. One cousin had grandkids, teenage boys, visiting from Alaska for Christmas and I was curious to meet them, but the timing didn’t work out. They were out miniature golfing.

I would have quizzed them on the Bong-hits-for-Jesus free speech controversy in their state, so maybe it’s just as well I missed them.

I did a little thought experiment—what advice, assuming we’d never meet again, could I give them? Here’s the result.

Why Be Good

Being good is a necessary condition for happiness here on earth. It doesn’t matter whether or not there is an afterlife. Happiness here on earth, and in the afterlife are the same thing.

Any advice to be unhappy here on earth in order to achieve happiness in the afterlife is totally bogus. Happiness is happiness is happiness.

St Finbar's, County Cork.

When St Finbar died, the sun didn't set for three weeks.

Pud says find something more comfortable than this to sit on.

So, why does being good bring happiness here on earth?

-It reduces shame and remorse.

-It allows you to associate with other good people.

You’ll find that good people tend to associate with each other and to avoid the company of non-good people.

The opportunity to associate with good people is the primary feature of heaven.

The restriction of associating only with non-good people is the primary feature of hell.

Q. What is “being good”?

A. The golden rule. Everyone knows that.

The golden rule is repeated in the second of Christ’s two great commandments.

Overlooked is Christ’s first great commandment: Love God with your whole heart, whole soul, etc. What the heck does that mean?

It means we should

-Accept the physical world as we see it and not reject it in favor of some promise or story about some unseen “better world.”

-Explore all resources and exploit them to create good feeling. People who try to create good feeling tend to associate with each other, etc.

So, morality isn’t all that bad. Usually morality is seen as a burden or fetter. That’s because usual morality is promulgated by rich assholes who don’t want us stealing their shit.

True morality, be good and try your best to have fun and create good feeling, is meant to be a formula for happiness, real happiness, with lots of sex, and rock and roll, and plenty of bong hits for Jesus.

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